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  • xusheng easy enterprise software on non business use statement 2014-07-06 19:26:38   Clicks: 

    Dear xusheng users, xusheng easy is the enterprise web site management CMS is a popular, according to let more people learn xusheng easy website management system, we have provided free for everyone to know and learn to use.

    In order to meet the needs of the Webpage designer or enterprises, we also launched several official version of software licenses, and many site of the company, Webpage designers and necessary site enterprises to realize the win-win. But we found a license, part of the enterprise or individual without the company, the company granted permission for software modification again or commercial website, this is a violation of the license agreement, is also our company adhere to the opposition.

    Any software has its own way of authorization and the rules of use, non commercial license, we early in the software installation had to remind. Unauthorized commercial purpose is not only due to the lack of commercial quality using the xusheng software, also in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, we as software supplier reserves the right to make any right conferred by law on the non authorized users.

    Any software must have their own profit pattern can be a long time development, xusheng has many authorized user support, but also because they see the advantages of the xusheng, and the convenience brought by xusheng. Without the licensing revenue will not have xusheng engineers to provide high-quality software products for you to continue, will not have xusheng development step by step so far.

    We advise against the use of the site as soon as the agreement has been authorized to buy, such as our company has violated the agreement to use the user, a future legal letter, have not received the relevant reaction, we will formally to the Honghu City People's court proceedings, to hold the relevant software tort liability enterprise or individual rights.

    The relevant national legal provisions: according to the relevant provisions of the criminal law: without permission from the copyright owner, for the purpose of profit, copying and distribution of computer software, the larger the amount of illegal income or other serious circumstances, is less than three years imprisonment or criminal detention or be fined. The amount of illegal gains is huge or other especially serious circumstances, three years less than seven years imprisonment or criminal detention, or be fined.

    Respect is mutual, when some tort and damage the xusheng easy to think the normal development of behavior, we will not be completely indifferent. For those who never, forever only for and enjoyment of the people, we are not welcome.

    Author:xusheng   Source:xusheng.COM