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    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Salse Manager

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      Easy to think xusheng runoff mobile Internet new tool

      2014-07-06 19:29:51   Clicks: 

      A spring tide is coming. With apple, android as the representative of the new generation of mobile terminal was the outbreak situation of growth, the development of mobile Internet in blowout era.

      The mobile Internet era has arrived

      The rapid growth of China's mobile Internet market scale. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest "thirtieth China Internet development statistics report" shows, the number of mobile phone users in 388000000 more than desktop computer 380000000, became the first big Internet terminals in china. From iResearch consulting statistics, the second quarter of 2012, the overall scale China network economy reached 94340000000 yuan over the same period, the mobile Internet market scale is only 12650000000 yuan.

      With the mobile phone Internet users for the first time exceeded the traditional Internet, mobile Internet is becoming the most important emerging markets. World Marketing Guru: Krimant Stone thinks, future marketing, do not need too many channels, as long as you make products into the sellers of mobile phone, is the best marketing!

      According to Ai Rui analysis, in 2012 the mobile Internet market is still maintained a good momentum of development, speed up the popularization of intelligent terminal continuously to promote the rapid development of the mobile Internet industry. People use mobile phone to see news, weather forecast, social networking, search information and look at the map, mobile phone has become the most fast, convenient, multimedia has universality and have certain mandatory media platform. The mobile Internet era, as long as people have intelligent mobile phone, all is the potential business opportunities.

      From the market trend, mobile Internet continues to maintain high speed growth situation, specific to each fractionize domains, mobile shopping, mobile marketing and mobile search has maintained a high growth rate, although the mobile Internet industry is still in the initial stage of development, but each fractionize domain in the development stage of rapid growth.

      A new tool to easy xusheng--- victory in mobile Internet

      The mobile Internet era are equal and full of opportunities of the times for each China enterprises, for the strength of large enterprises, to keep up with the new times angle is not difficult, but there are more than about 10000000 small and medium enterprises, how do they keep up with the step of mobile Internet?

      Has been committed to providing easy xusheng network enterprise resource next station integrated services for small and medium-sized enterprises are Chinese, build a bridge leading to the mobile Internet era for small and medium enterprises.

      The scene in the eleventh session of the international information industry week, reporters on the perception of EARLINK independent research and development, one is regarded as "mobile Internet new weapon" global exclusive mobile station platform - easy charm xusheng!

      In the exhibition scene, EARLINK staff showed a "xusheng" mobile station platform to small make up. It is understood, the platform is based on the latest generation of HTML 5 technology, for the professional mobile web companies and individuals have access to customized, efficient, concise, focused, interactive convenient, multi application linkage etc.. Break the inherent mode of traditional website, to create a compelling user experience, for the vast number of small and medium enterprises and individuals to build brand communication, marketing, customer service three-in-one super aggregation platform!

      Be known whether the mobile internet tool "xusheng" to break the former sleepy avoidance, under, in the mobile Internet boom victory landing, get high recognition from customers on the mobile Internet application? The mobile station platform "xusheng", what fusion much innovation?

      Professional platform easy xusheng--- to enhance the brand value

      EARCLINK Chairman Mr. Huang Huangxiangyun talking about the works and small development background, has repeatedly stressed the "customer needs" a word. He said, the era of mobile Internet is also known as "finger economy era", people used to use the finger to get different information sources provide information services, and easy xusheng in summing up years of customer service, will be the advanced information system and management technology upgrade platform and the power of the brand, the integration of services and resources and can achieve mutual communion, to provide our customers the most comprehensive and innovative mobile application service.

      It is easy xusheng R & D personnel introduces, this "easy xusheng" platform will be carrying EARCLINK5 outstanding customer service experience, has the most professional R & D team to create new. For the first time through the trusted authentication, based on the operation data, so as to ensure the customer account security, to research and development of 7*24 fault free cloud security service guarantee is to ensure the stability of the platform of trouble free operation.

      In the optimization of user access, the platform will be combined with the new HTML 5 and BGP line dedicated network link technology, the user can click directly to the site, more convenient. At the same time, EARCLINK will be the Internet domain name, SEO optimization services together, and each big mainstream sharing platform, users can share a key site of the information service, customized service in mobile web browsing at the same time, "easy xusheng" more humane.

      In order to avoid loss of background operation complexity and data, "easy xusheng" set the double background management. PC background, click Modify where where, WYSIWYG, simple, efficient; mobile phone background, one click login, can check and reply to the message, a hand grasp business opportunities!

      What is worth mentioning is that, the user can not only through the mobile phone, also can access the platform of enterprise mobile site through a tablet computer, PC and other terminal speed, solves the access platform limits dilemma, a full range to optimize the dissemination enterprise brand information, open

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