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    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Salse Manager

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      How xusheng firm land website URL optimization

      2014-07-06 19:19:24   Clicks: 

      What is a good URL?

      Create a good descriptive, normative, simple URL, to help the user more convenient memory and judgment Webpage content, but also conducive to the search engines crawl your site more effective. Website design at the beginning, you should have a reasonable planning url.

      We suggest:

      Site in the same Webpage, only corresponding to a url.

      If multiple URL site can access the same content, will have the following risk:

      1, the search engine will choose a URL as the standard, may be different and genuine

      (1) the user may be recommended for different URL in the same Webpage, multiple URL forms spread the weight of the Webpage

      (2) if multiple URL form already exist on your site, suggestions in the following manner:

      (3) using only the normal form of URL in the system, do not allow users access to non normal form of URL

      (4) do not see Session ID, statistical code unnecessary content in URL

      (5) the different forms of URL, 301 permanent jump to the normal form

      (6) to prevent the user from the wrong and enable the backup domain, 301 permanent jump to the domain name

      (7) using the robots.txt banned Baiduspider grab you don't want to show the user in the form of

      Note: the construction site at the beginning of URL should be planned, and can't wait for website construction, to optimize the URL.

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