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    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Salse Manager

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      What is sanitary diverter valve?

      2020-10-08 19:59:59   Clicks: 

      As many of you know the purpose of the sanitary diverter valve is to vent excess boost when the throttle is closed (you lift off the accelerator or change gear). Without venting this excess pressure, the turbo experiences surge which is actually damaging to the turbo.

      The article will include the following:

      The definition of sanitary diverter valve

      What are the sanitary shutoff and diverter valve?

      Daily maintenance of fully welded sanitary diverter valve


      1. The definition of sanitary diverter valve

      Sanitary Diverter Valve is most creative to have single or double seat which enables the pipeline flexible with even five ways at the most. Being manual or automatic, sanitary diverter seat valve brings safeness, cleanness, and long life. Well green provides the complete solutions for sanitary diverter valve, it is your reliable resource for application of Food, Brewery, Beverage, Biopharma etc.


      2. What are the sanitary shutoff and diverter valve?

      When stopping or diverting flow in a processing system, the Adamant Valves AV-5 sanitary shutoff and diverter valve series single seat valve line provides both a flexible and reliable solution. These sanitary shutoffs and divert valves are pneumatically or manually operated, and offered in a wide variety of body configurations.

      Type: shutoff and diverter valve
      Reference No.: AV-5
      Sizes: 1/2" – 4"
      Grades: 304 – 316L
      Operation: Manual, Pneumatical

      sanitary diverter valve

      3. Daily maintenance of fully welded sanitary diverter valve 

      Seat chamber is the most easily polluted area in pipe sanitary diverter valves. In order to ensure the free movement of the seat, it should be cleaned once a year. Sealing of wells is regularly checked through drainage nozzles. Valves in auxiliary air pipes are seldom regulated. At least one switch should be used each year and the appropriate amount of grease should be injected to prevent ball and seat adhesion and grinding between the ball and seat. The good technical characteristics of buried fully welded ball sanitary diverter valves make the whole gas pipeline integrated, and improve the overall resistance of the valves to stress and geological hazards. Reduce the possibility of air leakage. Valve reliability improves service life and facilitates installation and maintenance.

      Because of the particularity of its medium, a few abnormalities of gas welded ball sanitary diverter valves are likely to cause leakage problem. Needless to say, the consequence for the gas leak is really severe. So when buying gas welded ball sanitary diverter valves, you’d better learn some knowledge about its characteristics so that the quality of the valves can be guaranteed.

      Composed of carbonized Teflon seal ring and disc spring, the seat of gas welded ball sanitary diverter valves has a good ability to adapt to the temperature and pressure. Generally, as long as the temperature and pressure don’t exceed the marked ones, it is not prone to emerge any leakage problem. Also, in the sphere processing, there is an advanced computer monitor to monitor the completion status so as to ensure the precision. Because the material of the valve body is the same as the pipe, so it will be not easy to have these following problems: unbalanced stress, road deformation and so on.

      For the sealing ring of gas welded ball sanitary diverter valves, it uses RPTFE material with a content of about 25% carbon to ensure zero leakage. For buried welded ball sanitary diverter valves, instead of building a tall valve well, they can be directly buried in the ground simply with a small shallow well set up on the ground to meet their requirements, so this can greatly save construction financing and engineering time. Compared with other sanitary ball valves, gas welded ball sanitary diverter valves have small volume, beautiful appearance, as well as long service life for at least 15 years in the case of normal operation.

      Gas welded ball valves should not only be durable but also have good sealing performance. Learning some knowledge about its characteristics can help you to buy high-quality valves and eliminate the security threaten.

      Author:Admin   Source:xushengvalve.com
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