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  • The truth behind the corporate site: low price 2014-07-06 19:20:21   Clicks: 

    For a long time not to take the bus, today in just on the train, he heard the voice bus advertising. "Five hundred yuan to build a website, * * * company network, telephone... ". I thought this price also dropped so fast, last year was eight hundred, one thousand, this year is five hundred. The Internet is more 1 yuan, 99 yuan to build the site of numerous. Indeed, the Internet is developing too fast, low threshold, a person will do. Looking back 10 years ago, most programmers have a website in 1 months, also with art. The threshold low, vicious competition, price confusion is the current situation of the construction site. In fact, low price and can not win the market, price must be low quality service, this backward model will be eliminated, I believe that in the next few years, by the construction site survival network company must be network marketing services instead of.

    Behind the cheap cost.

    As a professional, we all know that to build a business web site cost. We have to analyze 500 yuan to build a what kind of enterprise website.

    An enterprise website cost probably include: fixed costs (virtual hosting and domain name) and artificial (and Design)

    The first part: fixed cost, also known as virtual hosting and domain name. Virtual host is like buying a house, the house is big is small, there is lots of good and bad; domain name like a license, a license Niubi, there is no license plate.

    At present the domestic price confusion, uneven quality, small IDC businesses, the price can be 0.2 yuan /M, and the best host 2-3 yuan /M, the price gap is about 10 times. For enterprises, the best choice of famous service good IDC business, so for the future of the Internet marketing is very helpful. 500 yuan site of course mentioned above will not use this host. The domain name, to the enterprise website, have not changed much, relatively uniform price, generally 50-100 yuan / year

    The second part: artificial cost

    Labor cost is divided into 2 parts, the page design and program design, the 2 aspects of flexibility is very large, according to the request for quotation, price uncertainty. If the bus ads on 500 yuan of enterprise website, it is what it looks like, the worst host + name + free template + free program + half artificial =500 yuan website.

    Behind the cheap price

    People often only than the price, but do not know the price risk behind much. I'll give you a list of some of the common risk.

    1, low price of construction, high renewal

    The first years of enterprise website is very cheap, but from the second year on year renewals price as the first year of the full costs, not because of general contract with second year maintenance contract, general maintenance contract and signed, and the general network company does not mention to customers after second years of renewal issues, so the second site of the company to enterprises ask for high website renewal, customers either honestly pay money, either on the site closed. So, sign the contract when the after sale service of certain, renewal, maintenance check together, clearly.

    2, shoddy, false propaganda

    The website must use low-cost virtual host cheap non guaranteed, due to the general enterprises are unable to distinguish between good and bad, so shoddy, false propaganda is commonplace, the use of such host consequences is not stable, at any time may be a problem, also do not know what time to recover, a great impact on the site.

    3, increase the content of high fees

    Many Internet companies in the name of generation management, not to the enterprise website host FTP password management, if want to add or change the content service providers, will be high fees.

    4, site safety can not be guaranteed

    Cheap website will use the free or outdated website program, this website program easy to attack, black chain, spam, trojan is easy to put on their websites, in addition to black Internet companies also use enterprise web resources on hand as a SEO tool, do all the chain, black chain, even for money. So you spend website has become others money making tools.

    5, may pull the copyright lawsuit

    Free website program, usually without authorization, which belongs to one kind of piracy, not famous small businesses use does not matter, no one come to you, but you use illegal if the program developers, is sure to lose.

    Enterprise site should not be divorced from the original intention

    What is the essence of enterprise website? Don't just want to increase brand awareness through the web site to promote sales or. Is what we often say that the brand marketing and product marketing. If you don't think it through the website how to achieve this goal, I advise the general business or don't do, spend the money to pay a year, with no and risk, why? Should consult the relevant internet marketing enterprises, professional guidance, enterprise network station to the real value.

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