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  • Easy xusheng building enterprise website to safe protection 2014-07-06 19:21:56   Clicks: 

    1, prevent web framework
    This year, the rogue is nobody's business, or, with the background of rogue is nobody's business.So all sorts of all sorts of rogue.Borrow the name of key to flow in the name of, so, you are the box box.
    The web framework
    This year, the law does not protect you, only to protect themselves.Write the following code can prevent is framed in web pages.
    < script type = "text/javascript" > if (top location! = = self. The location) < / script >

    2, the domain name
    People's eyes. Com is a real domain name, so in most cases is the same domain name. Com is registered, and. Net. Org domain names such as safe.Don't think you got a bargain.When you use xxx.net prosperous development, someone else will use xxx.com parsed to your website, if you turn a blind eye to complacent, even that is waiting to pay tuition fees, such as people are familiar with xxx.com, they will sell the domain to you, don't buy, such as the flow is hijacked.
    The domain name binding countermeasures
    Web pages can determine SERVER_NAME server variables, if does not contain your domain name to jump.The ASP code on the server to replace www.XXXXcom with your own website.
    Dim strServer_Name strServer_Name = LCase (Trim (Request. ServerVariables (" SERVER_NAME "))) If strServer_Name < > www.target.com, Then the Response. The Redirect "http://www.target.com" End of the If
    Web client to replace www.XXXX.com with your own website.
    < script type = "text/javascript" > var my_domain = "http://www.XXXX.com";Var page_url = window. The loc...P;Page_url. IndexOf (my_domain! = 1) {top. The location = my_domain;} < / script >

    3, the domain name hijacking
    Domain name hijacking is divided into two kinds of circumstances, it is the gateway to send fake DNS information, works on both domestic and international domain names, generally can't solve, can let visitors remember their standby server IP or prepare a few more domain name, it affects only a part of the user.
    The second is the modify DNS information directly, if long time can affect the global users.Cn domain names at present. The more likely to be modified, such as Google and MSN. A few days ago the cn domain name is hijacked.And a few years ago, tencent illegal plunder QQ.com.cn domain name.
    Domain name hijacking prevention countermeasures
    Try to register. Com. International domain names, such as.net say. Cn domain name is not open to the individual (that is to say, personal registration no legal protection.

    4, prevent pirated
    Bootlegging is actually a big problem, it's a pity that in the domestic big is not a problem.Results basically light image hotlinking affect server, or, do you still want to become bigger and stronger?
    Don't know to the infringer pay send counterfeit they done, I think the difference is not big.
    Infringement of anti-piracy measures
    The following is just a simple protection method, to be fundamentally solved the problem, have to wait for decent copyright laws.The same determination and countries like block certain websites.
    Article use more pictures, pictures and logo and domain watermark on their site.
    Article contains more complex HTML tags and various links, reduce the simple copy of readability.
    Use your own web site, for example in the article.

    5, site copy prevention and gathering
    Various network advertising platform for a more, many people take the simplest way to establish a website to all copied to other sites.
    The website copy, steal website information acquisition strategy general server IP is fixed, know its IP, free play, such as in the light of the IP access to every page to it contains a N signs in the image.Or just seal off its IP.

    Author:jiong   Source:jiong