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    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Salse Manager

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      xusheng open to the mobile platform and a major step forward: micro letter platform

      2014-07-06 19:48:36   Clicks: 

      In order to further enhance the user experience, Micro message public platform has again revised. The new version of the new developer center, and more than 164 details were improved, showing the whole flat fresh visual style, to provide more abundant functions at the same time, simplify, improve efficiency in the use of platform.

      In addition, in order to facilitate the enterprise or business the cognition and application Micro message payment function, public platform "business function" was renamed "Micro message payment". It was renamed after the Micro message payment function remained unchanged, is still set to promote sales, payment receipts, business analysis and other functions of the complete set of solutions.

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