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    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Mr. Jiong Liu

    Salse Manager

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      xusheng don't do the first two

      2014-07-06 19:52:19   Clicks: 

      After the xusheng since 20005, EARCLINK developed, has been well received by the industry and favorite pursuit. 9 years of development, it not only won the first authoritative software titles of honor has also received strong support from social media China, help most of the domestic social media platforms -- X communication platform. xusheng its rigorous attitude of the enterprise, can do determination and aspire to do social marketing leader dare be the world first courage and responsibility, established its leading position in the industry.

      According to statistics, the real xusheng exceeded 500000 downloads, users throughout the country. This remarkable achievement, is not accidental. xusheng general manager Huang Xiangyun told reporters: "there is no ready enterprises will be eliminated by the market!" the resolute and decisive word, derived from Huang Xiangyun on the future development of xusheng's confidence and sustenance of hope for all employees. Reporter in the interview with xusheng, deeply feel this is a young, energetic, passionate team, everyone who sends out the dare to do spirit every hour and moment not shaking the author.

      xusheng not only do the first second

      In this year, xusheng has created a miracle. Easy the first brand xusheng, the first domestic enterprise website comprehensive application management software; the software to create the industry's most comprehensive, research and development of enterprise web application software to micro website, intelligent platform, enterprise applications such as representatives, innovation and breakthrough of traditional commercial single mode, the success of China's first offer solutions from "software + mobile phone + Micro message + promotion" four aspects of website marketing products;

      "The success of the xusheng, there is no secret, only do not meet, a determined to make social marketing leader enterprises only follow the market trends, do find a gap in the market. Be bold but cautious attitude, dare be the world first courage, not the second determination and perseverance, others will respect you, you will succeed. xusheng's future is bright, will stand the test of time, market review! "The end of the interview, Xiang Yunru Huang is said to reporter.

      Author:xusheng   Source:ECISP.CN
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